We Believe
In the unity of God existing in three persons: the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit. God is the Creator, the King and Ruler, and the Sustainer of all things.

In the divine inspiration and entire trustworthiness of the Scripture in all of its parts and teachings. It is the supreme authority over every area of our lives.

In man and woman as created in the image of God, in high dignity; however, since the Fall, we are both guilty of and bound by sin, which has affected us spiritually, intellectually, psychologically, socially, and physically.

In Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who became a real human being in order to live a flawless life and died a painful death in our place. Through His life, death, and bodily resurrection He accomplished a decisive victory over sin and through faith in Christ alone, and not through any goodness or moral effort of our own.

In the personal and triumphant return of Jesus Christ to earth for final judgement and the consummation of His Kingdom.

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